Maximum Options

Today’s modular home is customized. The choices are endless.  Each Plan has "Standard Specifications" but may include numerous upgrades.  Furthermore, the Home Owner may choose a Maximum Modular plan and make changes to it (within certain parameters).  Maximum Modular staff are also able to develop your own ideas! We will help you build your dream home!

   Maximum Value

The cost of a modular home can be as much as 30% less than the cost of a comparable site-built home. A controlled work environment and precise cutting and fastening devices result in efficient building methods and a well-built home. Who doesn’t want to save time and money?!

   Maximum Quality

We are proud to provide you with a premium CANADIAN product.  Building in a factory controlled environment eliminates the possibility of weather related damage ensuring overall better air quality and reducing the risk of mold damage from wet lumber.  All homes go through a quality control process resulting in errors being discovered and corrected long before the home is delivered to site.  A controlled work environment ensures house building continues in any weather without extensive and expensive delays.  Because the factory is able to build structures year round, the work force has more years of experience and a higher level of morale which leads to a better quality product for our customers.