Step 1: Establish feasibility of Modular Home on your site.

Before you buy MAXIMUM MODULAR (MM), you need to determine if your site can accommodate both the house and its delivery. You must check with your local planning agency for any construction restrictions or neighborhood building restrictions to ensure that a modular home is suitable for your site. The ideal site is generally flat. However, a hillside or otherwise “sloped” site may still be workable with proper preparation. Your MM representative may assist you with determining suitability of site.

  Step 2: Design your home.

The next step is to design your home. Start by selecting one of the many floor plans (see FLOOR PLANS) available on this website or visit our office in Summerland BC for plans. The MAXIMUM MODULAR representative can assist you with further customizing the floor plan layout.

Customize your house by choosing interior and exterior finishes.

Many upgrades are available (including appliances) and it is advisable to review all options.

  Step 3: Secure financing .

Typically modular homes are treated like “stick-built” homes and traditional mortgage financing may be available. Please check with your bank. Note: Mobile homes usually require a different set of financial arrangements. If you need assistance, the following mortgage broker may be helpful in securing financing.

  Step 4: Place order and sign Purchase Agreement

Now that you’ve designed your house and secured financing, it’s time to place your order. A MM representative will provide you with a purchase agreement (contract). This agreement is required to begin production on your new home. A deposit is required upon signing the agreement.

  Step 5: Design foundation and utility plans.

Each MM house is pre-approved by the Government of British Columbia and meets provincial building requirements. However, you must obtain site-related permits before we begin manufacturing your house to insure that once we complete construction you will be able to install the home where you had planned.

Each MM home includes a standard foundation PLAN. In addition to the foundation plan, you will also receive a “typical section” plan and elevation drawings. These plans are usually sufficient for the “City” or “Township” to issue the building permit, along with the plot plan. You (the customer) are responsible for the plot plan. If your local building department requires additional drawings and engineering for permits beyond what we typically provide, or your site conditions are complicated, some additional work and costs may be required.

A MM representative is available to assist you with each of these steps.

  Step 6: Undertake site preparation

While your MM home is under construction at the factory, you must prepare your site.
Site preparation usually includes:

  • Excavation
  • Foundation (concrete)
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical

Arranging a crane to lift module(s) from trucks to place on foundation
If requested, MM can provide construction services to complete the site work.
Once your site is properly prepared, we will deliver and install your MM home.

  Step 7: Home is delivered and set on foundation

We will schedule a visit to your site to ensure it is ready for delivery of your home.
The house will be shipped to site on trucks on a specified delivery date.
The crane must be on site.
The crane will then lift each module from the trucks and place them on the foundation.
It generally takes one day to place the modules.
Shortly thereafter, our setting crew will level the modules, bring them together and affix the house to the foundation.

  Step 8: Complete installation

Now that your MM home is “set-up,” a few details remain. The installation process is finished by completing the roof and siding and sealing the joints where the modules are joined (floors, walls, ceilings, and roof). This process may take two to three weeks.
Utilities are to be arranged by the customer.

  Step 9: Complete home

Now that your Maximum Modular Home is complete, final walk-through is done with the customer and all deficiencies are taken care of. New Home Warranty documents must be submitted and insurance needs to be arranged. Welcome to your new Maximum Modular Home!