Residential Developers:
We welcome the opportunity to work with developers. Our goal with developers is to provide a transparent partnership that provides an affordable housing option.

Residential developers are recognizing the advantage in choosing factory-built homes for their developments. Maximum Modular acknowledges the Developer's need for efficient, quality workmanship and the importance of completing projects in a timely, cost-effective manner. Maximum Modular strives to provide the highest quality product for all our clients. Because our units are built indoors and our production is not impeded by weather conditions, a Maximum Modular home meets timelines and budget.

Insurance Adjusters:
If an insured has a major loss, the process of reconstruction or replacement is both traumatic and time consuming. Maximum Modular's expertise in the insurance sector provides effective solutions for Companies and Independent Adjusters. In addition to replacing manufactured homes with "like" kind and quality, older stick-built homes have been replaced with the modular product to the delight of both the insured and insurer. We are available to answer any technical questions about the manufactured home industry, including helping with Actual Cash Value (ACV) or replacement cost evaluations.

Mobile Home Parks
Maximum Modular welcomes the opportunity to work with Mobile Home Parks to replace existing homes or to fill empty lots. We are prepared to partner with Mobile Home Park owners to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI). Maximum Modular is also interested in developing relationships with potential new park developments and can support the developer with marketing, show homes and advertising.

Builders and Subcontractors
Today’s landowner is looking for options and flexibility when it comes to building a new home. We are constantly seeking relationships with builders and subcontractors in order to enhance our collective opportunities. Our Modular Home Builder Program offers partnership opportunities to either project-manage the construction process or as partners in spec-home development.

Non-Profits and Government Agencies:
Maximum Modular is actively seeking relationships with local nonprofits and government agencies. Manufactured housing is a future staple in affordable single and multifamily housing initiatives. Our goal is to work with groups to provide housing solutions that enhance the life and well-being of individuals and families in British Columbia.

First Nations:
Maximum Modular is seeking partnerships with BC’s First Nations Communities to help develop mobile home parks or modular home communities. Our partnerships will have transparency and the potential to provide future employment opportunities for First Nations members.

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