The modular home industry has evolved and is a popular choice for home buyers exploring the option of building. So what are some of the advantages of modular homes you ask…

  • Factory built homes are constructed in a controlled environment. As a result, variables like weather don’t affect build times like they would for an onsite build.
  • The factory schedules builds year-round resulting in consistent work for industry labourers. This leads to more experienced workers building your home.
  • The factory facilitates an assembly line method for construction. This strategy allows employees to perfect a specific skill, making them experts in their area.
  • Factory built homes can be completed 30-50% faster than site built homes.
  • The factory has enormous buying power with suppliers, which allows them to negotiate better prices on materials. These savings are then passed onto the home buyer, making the price that much more attractive.
  • Receive a one year comprehensive warranty on your new home and an additional nine year structural warranty.